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Unable to find buggy Brand and Explosion View
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Posted: 4:04:22 AM 11/5/2008

I bought a buggy a couple of years ago and was wondering if anyone can help me with finding the Brand and a Manual or Exploded view of the buggy. After doing some research with the serial i got off the buggy i think i established the brand is a Roketa (Although not to sure). Can this be confirmed, and if possible could anyone point me in the right direction on obtaining an exploded view or manual of the buggy?

The Serial number of the buggy is: 5Q-250R-GK0512003*** the last 3 digits you shouldn't need, i tried to break up the serial into small sections which seemed to make sense:

5Q - Unknown
250 - 250cc Engine
R - Possibly Brand Initial (Roketa)
GK051 - Model Number
2003 - Model Year

This is just a guess, i tried searching everywhere for the model GK051 and GK05 but i got no results. I am pretty sure the brand is Roketa due to the same design in some parts of other Roketa buggies and mine. Can anyone please help?

Kind Regards

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